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Rent Roll : Free template in excel sheet

Rent roll,,,, yes, this is one of the most important documents you as a landlord to prepare for potential buyers and lenders. I highly...
1 min read

Rent roll : 9 things investors must include and why important.

What is Rent Roll? and why is it so important? What is a rent roll? Here is a definition. Rent roll is a document...
7 min read

23 Property Management companies in Nashville

Are you looking for property managers who can support managing your properties in Nashville? Check the following 23 property management companies that we have...
5 min read

How many individual real estate investors are in the U.S.?

How many individual real estate investors are in the United States of America today? I could not find a good resource for the number...
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What is Schedule E ? and how to prepare for it.

What is Schedule E? Schedule E is one of the tax forms to file with 1040 which is the individual tax return form. If...
2 min read

How to calculate depreciation for Real Estate Asset

Depreciation expense calculation is difficult and complicated. Yes, I totally agree. Perhaps you just bought your first property and wonder how to calculate the...
10 min read

Should I hire an accountant or DIY to manage my real estate property?

Golden rule…. Before going into the details, there is a golden rule that you have to do whichever way you choose. You must KEEP...
2 min read

What the first time landlord should know

You are thinking of buying your first property or you already have bought your first property and want to rent it out to someone...
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